Non Religious Marriage Retreat 2019

non religious marriage retreat near me 2019

A Marriage Enrichment Retreat at Relationship Rescue Academy may be the answer to restore the strength and stability to your marriage.

Marriage Enrichment Retreats encourage couples to approach their marriage with positivity and a greater understanding of what works in relationships.

marriage retreat 2019

The retreats also offer the tools for long lasting improvement instead of just providing the promises for change that are seldom realized through marriage seminars or other types of programs.

In today’s fast paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of the ways to nurture a marriage. Often times, a husband and wife get caught up in the world around them, and jobs, stress, and other responsibilities may get in the way of the relationship.

Couples may find themselves in a marriage that is in name only and lacking the unity and loving foundation that they once shared. This often leads to communication breakdown, loss of hope, alienation, feelings of resentment, and disillusionment. Despite their desire and need for a more stable bond, a marriage that is either already in crisis or even just falling short on some other level, doesn’t offer the potential for satisfaction and growth that a stronger and more enriched marriage will provide.

Is this where you see your marriage heading or do you already recognize some of these shortcomings in your own marriage? If the answer is yes, we’re glad you are here because it’s not too late and we are here to offer a potentially Relationship Rescue Academy changing alternative!

What Are Relationship Rescue Academy Marriage Retreats?

The program began more than ten years ago with T.D.  Forestal, who wanted to find a way to share her experiences, professional knowledge, and ideals with other couples in need of guidance.

With  her backgrounds in working exclusively with couples all around the world, Mrs. Forestal decided to offer marriage retreat intensives that focused on the development, understanding, and methods of relationship enrichment through high quality sessions and skillful coaching.

Today, these marriage enrichment retreats have become an unparalleled success with couples who are seeking changes to improve and strengthen the marital bonds.

When you register for a Relationship Rescue Academy Marriage Enrichment Retreat these are the features you can look forward to:

  • A 2, 3, 4 day retreat experience
  • Peaceful retreat in the rural community of Kokomo, Indiana just 1.5 miles from Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • The Marriage Enrichment Retreat program is designed to provide tools that will benefit your marriage forever
  • Packages include lodging, as well as a complimentary after care, a follow-up Skype session to ensure your continued success.

marriage retreat 2019

How Relationship Rescue Academy Marriage Enrichment Retreats Can Help

The Relationship Rescue Academy Marriage Enrichment Retreats are consistently rated with high levels of satisfaction and most couples report a closer and much more strengthened relationship following the program.

Others with more complex and serious issues, also report continued improvements that they attribute to the use of techniques and skills that were learned from the retreats and which help them long after the retreat is over. Overall, the most frequent benefits couples report are:

  • Renewed trust in their partners and in the marriage
  • A greater understanding of how to approach conflict and solve problems with a much higher level of confidence and efficacy
  • The ability to get beyond past resentments and resolve the negative emotions of yesterday
  • A deeper and shared understanding of each other on levels that are more connected than ever before
  • Stronger emotional bonds that offer safety and security
  • The ability to express their needs in more positive and empowering ways
  • A unified commitment to their goals and their future
  • More satisfaction and enjoyment from their partners and from the time they spend together.

After Care provides the following:

  • To provide the helpful guidance that couples sometimes need to deal with questions or concerns following the retreat.
  • To offer continued encouragement for couples to stay focused on the path to achieving their relationship goals.
  • A return to the Second Journey Document created during the retreat with a reaffirmation of the desired objectives.
  • Constructive feedback to polish and further develop the skills and techniques learned from the retreat.

Enjoy a Lasting and Enriched Marriage Through Relationship Rescue Academy

At Relationship Rescue Academy, we believe that every marriage is a precious bond that deserves to be nurtured and enriched in order to reach its full and deeply satisfying potential.

Our Marriage Enrichment Retreats were created to achieve this goal and no matter where you are in your marriage, our programs can improve and empower your marriage through a rich and powerful experience that has consistently proven to provide couples with a renewed commitment to each other and the long term success in their marriage.

Whether you are from Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri or Indiana, there is no better time than now to take a step and invest in your marriage by scheduling a valuable and one of a kind Marriage Enrichment Retreat.

Contact us today for more information on our programs or to sign up for the next opportunity to enrich your marriage, your love, and your future for a lifetime of satisfaction and empowerment!

marriage retreat 2019

Marriage Counseling Effectiveness

Marriage counseling, or couple’s counseling, is a form of psychological therapy that seeks to deal with mental health issues, or other problems, stemming from a relationship between two people.

The idea is that both parties will attend counseling as a means to elaborate upon the issues and the strain being caused between them. Ideally, they will learn how to solve their problems through the mediation of a professionally-trained counselor or therapist.

The marriage counseling statistics indicate that couples attend therapy for any number of reasons. Arguments, abuse – both physical and emotional, loss of love or other feelings, parenting troubles, resentment, and problems with affectionate or sexual intimacy are all common reasons for attending couple’s therapy.

In the United States, at least, couple’s therapy data reports an overwhelming satisfaction rate for this form of counseling. The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists reports that 98 percent of couples surveyed felt they had received excellent therapy. Over 90 percent claimed they received the care that they needed, and felt ready to tackle their marital or couple’s problems.

This gives the impression that marriage counseling is very successful at fixing relationships. This may not entirely be the case; however, couples nonetheless do feel the experience was valuable to them.

For instance, a relationship could conceivably be unhealthy or unhappy for both partners, and if therapy convinces both of them that this is the case and the relationship ends, this could still be a positive outcome. Statistically, though, this might look like a failure.

Thus, marriage counseling effectiveness is a difficult thing to quantify. Still, research has been done, as briefly detailed above. Other findings from couples therapy data include:

  • Seeking help early leads to longer-lasting, healthier relationships
  • 65% of those who receive treatment report improvement in the relationship
  • 38% of couples who receive marriage counseling get divorced within 4 years; however, nearly 70% of couples having similar problems who do not seek counseling are divorced within 4 years
  • Therapies with an emotional focus tend to be more successful – similarly, solutions that seek to improve emotional bonds and individual emotions tend to yield the best results
  • While long-term counseling is necessary in some cases, marriage counseling effectiveness tends to be achieved in less time than in individual therapy

Unfortunately, many couples wait too long to seek help. Citing concerns ranging from cost to uncertainty of outcome, people are often just too hesitant to follow through with such an endeavor.

The marriage counseling statistics show, though, that working with a licensed family and marriage therapist is almost always cheaper than seeing an individual therapist. Family counseling is also a different field than psychiatry or mental health counseling; as such, its practitioners often are not required to undergo such extensive and expensive education. This leads to lower prices for patients.

While counseling cannot be considered a silver bullet for saving a marriage or relationship, the satisfaction statistics can’t be ignored. Even the end of a relationship can be improved through therapy; without it, divorce can be an ugly, damaging, and stressful experience.

If there is distance growing between partners, or arguments are getting increasingly intense, consider discussing the possibility of therapy.

Couple’s therapy also shouldn’t be seen as “giving up,” or in any other way as an admission of weakness. Managing a family, a home, raising children, ensuring financial stability: all of these together were never expected of a couple on their own in the past.

The increasingly isolated nature of the family unit from the community at large can lead to overwhelmed spouses at their wits’ end. With the help of a trained professional, however, harmony can be brought back into the relationship in a meaningful way.

Couples therapy data shows that by focusing on intimacy, emotion, and communication, marriage counseling effectiveness is improved dramatically, and so in turn is the relationship between patients. Possibly most important to this process is choosing the right therapist.

It may be easy to assume that the most expensive psychiatrist will best solve your problems; consumer reports, however, show otherwise. Rather, practitioners ranging from clinical psychologists to social workers seem to be roughly equal in providing treatment to couples.

Whatever your reason for considering treatment, know that you should expect hard work and an emotional experience should you go ahead with it.

Marriage counseling statistics aside, you cannot go in with expectations of a perfect marriage coming out. You and your partner will be required to honestly assess your relationship and make mature decisions regarding it.

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