How to Save Your Marriage

6 Ways to Fix A Broken Marriage

All marriages will face challenges at some point or another. It can be difficult to acknowledge that your marriage just isn’t working. But fear not, that does not mean that the marriage needs to come to an end. Remember a marriage is something you have to put energy into, when you become complacent, things can often start going downhill.

The first step to making your broken marriage work is recognizing that there is something wrong. This may be the hardest thing to do, but once you have done this you can begin to put steps into place to rectify this. It will not be easy, but if your marriage is worth saving then this can be incredibly profound. 

This article will outline six ways to fix your marriage. Both partners need to be invested in this but give these steps a go and you might be surprised by the outcome.

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Remember what made you fall in love.

Reminiscing about why you fell in love can be a powerful tool for working on a relationship. It should put everything into perspective. It will often make you realize how amazing it was in the beginning and how broken it has become. This is not a negative thing, it will help you to become aware of how important it is to save your relationship.

You could even write a letter to each other about when you fell in love, what it felt like and what you loved about them back then. You will probably still love them as much now, but often in a different way.

Listen to one another.

Listening is often the first thing to go south in a marriage. It is so important that you listen and communicate effectively with your other half, it makes them feel valued and wanted. Not only that, but if you discuss problems as they occur, it is less likely that these will develop into bigger issues.

Try to listen without interruption and without judgement. When your marriage is breaking what your partner is saying is very important. Listen to their worries and their concerns and then work together to fix them. 


This is different than point two on the list, but it is just as important. Talking is an important part of communicating with your partner. It is all well and good to listen, but do you talk about your feelings too? This will allow both partners to be on the same page.

Keeping things bottled up might be easier in the short term, but it will not help the marriage to stay healthy. Think about what you want to say carefully and express this in a thoughtful way, this shows your commitment to fixing the marriage.



Reflect on the marriage.

By reflecting on what is making your marriage feel broken, you will be able to get to the root of the problems. It may be one incident, or many little things along the way. Talk openly without judgement, this is a great way to begin moving forward. This is hard to do, but both partner’s opinions are valid and should be heard.

The cause of the marriage feeling broken could be one of the following things:

  • Lack of communication, when the couple stops communicating with each other, that is when trouble begins. 
  • Infidelity, this is often the hardest to overcome and as a couple you need to decide if you can work past it.
  • Lack of care can also impact negatively upon a marriage. Often the passion will fizzle out and you’ll be left with a stable, loving relationship… hopefully. However, if you begin living more like roommates than lovers, this can be detrimental.
  • A crisis can cause a marriage to fall apart. This is widely acknowledged. How you support your partner through difficult life events is a huge part of the relationship. If the support is not there, the marriage will more than likely fail.

Don’t get distracted.

Life gets busy, that’s just the way it goes. But do not let all the distractions of everyday life get in the way of your marriage. Make time for each other, away from work, away from children, just the two of you. The best way to maintain a good marriage is to continue dating, or to begin dating again.

Get connected.

You may no longer feel connected and that can influence your relationship. It doesn’t have to be something major like a romantic weekend away or anything like that. It could be going on dates, spending time together without your phones, taking classes together, anything that allows you to reconnect. 

In Summary…

These are some tips that you can try out if you feel that your marriage is not working. It is important for both parties to be invested in this and taking the first step to talk about what is broken is so important. By identifying what is broken yourself and your partner can work together to fix it. Think about the old adage, “There’s nothing broken that can’t be fixed.”

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