No-nonsense Weekend Couples Therapy Retreat
For Kentucky Married Couples

4 Reasons to Attend our Stunning
Marriage Counseling Retreat

1. Lodging Included

When you schedule an intensive with us, lodging is included with every package. Choose from a two, three, or even a five day retreat.

2. Free Consultation

Before you pay a dime, you can call us to ask any questions that you might have. If you want to video chat via Skype, we can do that as well.

3. We Work Exclusively With Couples

We're trained specifically as a couples' therapist. We are not trained as an individual therapist who happens to see some couples.

4. One-on-One sessions - No Group Work

When you attend our marriage intensive you will have the reassurance that you will be working 1-on-1 with a highly skilled marriage therapist.

Marriage on The Verge of Divorce?
Our Beautiful 3 Acre Property is The Perfect
Hideaway to Work on Your Marriage

Here Are Some of The Reasons Couples
Come to Our Marriage Intensive

How Much Does it Cost?

2 Day Intensive

$3200 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video Consulation
  • 2 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

3 Day Intensive

$4200 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video consultation
  • 3 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

4 Day Intensive

$5500 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video consultation
  • 4 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

5 Day Intensive

$6500 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video consultation
  • 5 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

If Your Relationship Has These 4 Marital Issues, You Should
Consider Attending Our Couples Therapy Retreat

All marriages take work. Being in love is a great starter to a happy marriage, but the reality is that all relationships take a solid amount of work to be successful. Regardless of how similar or different you and your partner are, a good relationship is one where both people are striving to always move forward.

All relationships eventually need a little help to get through some of the more difficult times. A great way to do this is through counseling. You might be a little skeptical and wonder if counseling actually works.

What a good therapist does is find a way to take the blinders off the relationship and get to the root of the issues. This way, both people’s feelings are validated and you can work together to find a viable solution to those issues that might be bringing your relationship’s progress to a standstill.

You might be wondering if your relationship could use a tune up via a couples therapy retreat. If your relationship has these 4 issues, then it would be in your best interest to get an objective viewpoint and some strategies to keep your relationship strong.

Constantly Fighting about the same things

We all know that one couple who always seems to be fighting, yet their relationship is still strong. For some couples, this is the dynamic that works for them. What is problematic is when you and your partner keep having the same exact fight over and over again.

What this shows is that your relationship is lacking in strong communication skills. When you learn how to properly communicate, you are able to find solutions to those problems that seem to keep coming up time and again. A good counselor helps you identify the root cause of these fights, listen actively to one another, and find a viable solution that both people can get behind.

Sex? What’s that?

Every relationship goes through the hot and cold phases when it comes to sex. The issue at hand is when your sex life has dramatically slowed down or come to a halt completely. A lot of times a lack of sex means that there is a bigger issue plaguing the relationship.

People who are unfulfilled, especially sexually, tend to get that “what if” or the wandering eye. With couple’s therapy, they can help you deal with the anger and frustration, and find a way to reintroduce regular intimacy back into the relationship

The kids see it too

If your kids are constantly asking you about the subject of divorce, then your relationship has digressed to a point where it is noticeable to people outside the marriage. Children are observant, and they can sense when there is something more going on, regardless of how much you try to hide your problems from them. Couple’s therapy can help get your issues under control before they continue to affect the family dynamic.

You stopped trying

There comes a time in a struggling relationship where one or both partners start to really question whether the relationship is worth saving. As a result, you stop making the effort to work on finding solutions or to create situations for closeness and intimacy.

This is a dangerous place to be in a relationship because that’s when it becomes easiest to want to pull the plug on the whole thing. With intensive couples therapy at Relationship Rescue Academy, you will have someone who helps you identify these issues and create an environment where both people are willing and able to put in the necessary effort to make the marriage successful. Cooperation is ultimately the key to your relationship’s success.


Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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With Paypal credit option you can pay in monthly installments or in full at the end of 6 months with no interest. Visit to learn more.

Relationship Rescue Academy proudly serve couples from across the entire U.S. and Canada. We are located in Kokomo, Indiana approximately 45 minutes north of Indianapolis, Indiana.

We understand. Making that initial call to us is a big step. Sure, you may have been thinking about it for a long time, but suddenly scheduling a consultation may make things seem very real and even a little nerve-wracking.

We expect most of our initial callers to be a tad bit nervous when they call us. Remember, you are just scheduling a consultation with us, get some of your questions answered, learn more about the issues related to your situation, and maybe even gain some valuable insight on your current situation.

Of course, you may decide that your next step is to not schedule an intensive with us, and that is absolutely fine. There is no pressure for you to commit to anything at your initial consultation, and we appreciate that you have much to consider.

Before you register we want to speak to you on the phone to ensure that we are a good fit for the challenges that you are facing.

There are two ways to get started, you can either call us right now at (765) 575-4617 or fill out the form here and we will call you.

If we mutually agree that our retreat is a good match for your situation, next a $1,540 nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your date. Full payment is due one week before retreat.

Absolutely. Whether or not you are married, a couples counseling retreat can have a profound impact on your relationship.

All couples deal with the same kinds of patterns and issues, to one extent or another. All couples need to have certain skills to thrive in a long term relationship.

  • Fort Wayne International Airport (1.5 hr drive). This airport is usually more expensive.
  • Indianapolis International Airport ( 1.5 hr drive) This is a big airport, and often times less expensive flights are available.

Our intensive marriage counseling weekend is not appropriate for:

  • Couples engaged in domestic violence
  • Couples who are actively engaged in substance abuse/dependence
  • Couples who are actively engaged in an ongoing affair

Yes. Not only do we equip you with tools to help you keep your relationship on track, we also offer one “After-Care” session.  If you need more sessions after that we can work together to set up more sessions.

Lodging is included in the price. You are responsible for your transportation and meals.

This Intensive is private and not a group effort. It is designed especially for you and your spouse.

We Happily Work With all Couples From Kentucky
and Surrounding Cities and States Including But Not Limited to...

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