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6 Reasons to Choose Our Private Couples Counseling Retreat

1. Lodging Included

When you schedule an intensive with us, lodging is included with every package. Choose from a two, three, or even a five day retreat.

2. Free Consultation

Before you pay a dime, you can call us to ask any questions that you might have. If you want to video chat via Skype, we can do that as well.

3. Privacy

Our marriage counseling retreat is 100% private with no other couples there except you and your spouse. We don't do groups.

4. One-on-One sessions - No Group Work

When you attend our marriage intensive you will have the reassurance that you will be working 1-on-1 with a highly skilled marriage therapist.

5. Personalized Experience

Every couple is unique and requires a personalized approach. That's why we don't subscribe to the one size fits all therapy approach.

6. We Work Exclusively With Couples

We're trained specifically as a couples' therapist. We are not trained as an individual therapist who happens to see some couples.

Our Gorgeous 3 Acre Property is The
Perfect Getaway to Work on Your Marriage

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How Much Does it Cost?

2 Day Intensive

$3200 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video Consulation
  • 2 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

3 Day Intensive

$4200 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video consultation
  • 3 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

4 Day Intensive

$5500 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video consultation
  • 4 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

5 Day Intensive

$6500 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video consultation
  • 5 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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Relationship Rescue Academy proudly serve couples from across the entire U.S. and Canada. We are located in Kokomo, Indiana approximately 45 minutes north of Indianapolis, Indiana.

We understand. Making that initial call to us is a big step. Sure, you may have been thinking about it for a long time, but suddenly scheduling a consultation may make things seem very real and even a little nerve-wracking.

We expect most of our initial callers to be a tad bit nervous when they call us. Remember, you are just scheduling a consultation with us, get some of your questions answered, learn more about the issues related to your situation, and maybe even gain some valuable insight on your current situation.

Of course, you may decide that your next step is to not schedule an intensive with us, and that is absolutely fine. There is no pressure for you to commit to anything at your initial consultation, and we appreciate that you have much to consider.

Before you register we want to speak to you on the phone to ensure that we are a good fit for the challenges that you are facing.

There are two ways to get started, you can either call us right now at (765) 575-4617 or fill out the form here and we will call you.

If we mutually agree that our retreat is a good match for your situation, next a $1,540 nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your date. Full payment is due one week before retreat.

Absolutely. Whether or not you are married, a couples counseling retreat can have a profound impact on your relationship.

All couples deal with the same kinds of patterns and issues, to one extent or another. All couples need to have certain skills to thrive in a long term relationship.

  • Fort Wayne International Airport (1.5 hr drive). This airport is usually more expensive.
  • Indianapolis International Airport ( 1.5 hr drive) This is a big airport, and often times less expensive flights are available.

Our intensive marriage counseling weekend is not appropriate for:

  • Couples engaged in domestic violence
  • Couples who are actively engaged in substance abuse/dependence
  • Couples who are actively engaged in an ongoing affair

Yes. Not only do we equip you with tools to help you keep your relationship on track, we also offer one “After-Care” session.  If you need more sessions after that we can work together to set up more sessions.

Lodging is included in the price. You are responsible for your transportation and meals.

This Intensive is private and not a group effort. It is designed especially for you and your spouse.

About Our Weekend Counseling Retreat Near Wisconsin

Relationship Rescue Academy is a couples therapy retreat located in Indiana, which is around 300 miles from Wisconsin.  We’ve worked with couples throughout the Midwest many of which were on the brink of divorce. The experience is significantly different from the traditional once a week counseling sessions. 

You and your partner will leave from our Marriage Renewed Farmhouse with a renewed sense of appreciation for your union. You’ll also gain a clearer understanding of what it takes for you to have a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Lodging For the Retreat

You’ll be staying in a three-bedroom farmhouse that has been beautifully furnished. This is a welcome change from staying in a hotel. The home setting will make you and your spouse feel more comfortable and at ease. This increases the chances that you’ll be open to hearing what your marriage therapist has to say. Staying in a home during your treatment also fosters a sense of closeness between you and your spouse.

This leads to a renewed sense of intimacy and the ability to connect with your mate on a more authentic level. The home is also on the countryside away from the fast pace city life.

The Counseling Approach

Our counseling team offers a personalized approach to marriage counseling. You won’t get the cookie-cutter answers to your questions about money, sex, or raising children. You won’t simply be told to “connect with each other.”

Our counselors will provide you with the specific tools to improve your relationship. Each counseling sessions is tailored to your marriage, so you’ll get detailed information and suggestions for making your marriage better.

Our counselors care about giving you the tools to improve your marriage, and understand that your challenges and the love you and your spouse have for one another is unique. We also know that one approach doesn’t work for all couples, so we work to make sure you know that your marriage is special and should be treated with care.

Counseling sessions are also one-on-one. This is often more effective than group sessions. When there are several people in the room, you and your spouse may not feel comfortable sharing certain details in a group setting. However, when you and your spouse are in a private session with the marriage counselor, it may be easier for you to open up. You won’t feel pressure to impress others or be tempted to hide your true feelings.

 Our counselors are extensively trained to work with couples and not individuals. This means we can give you the tools you need to communicate effectively with your spouse. While we understand that each person in the marriage must be committed to doing the work that it takes to improve the marriage, we also know that counseling is most effective when you do it with your spouse. When you and your mate are truly working together during each phase of the counseling process, you’re likely to grow closer.

Where is the Marriage Intensive?

When you arrive at The Relationship Rescue Academy, get ready for 2-3 days of intensive work. We have two locations to choose from, one is located in Orange County, California, while the other is in Kokomo, Indiana.

The counselor assigned to you and your spouse has master-level training when it comes to helping couples resolve conflict. The counselor also knows how to help you deal with issues like infidelity and lack of connection.  You’ll discover the deeper meanings behind your most common arguments.

You’ll also find out more about the emotional barriers that you may have put up against your spouse as a means of protection.  Your counselor will teach you how to do away with these barriers and communicate with your mate in a way that is loving, truthful and effective. Since our marriage counselors have such extensive training, they are trained to provide unbiased feedback that is free of judgement.

In most cases, you can meet with your marriage counselor online before you arrive at the retreat location in person. This gives you a chance to connect with the counselor and to ask any initial questions. If you and your spouse are attending a marriage retreat for the first time, talking to the counselor online could give you a realistic idea of what to expect.

What Do Other Couples Think?

A number of couples have provided us with feedback after attending Relationship Rescue Academy. Individuals who weren’t previously fans of therapy are now admitted that that the marriage intensive was necessary to save their relationship. Individuals also state that the therapy sessions help each party to see themselves in a more realistic light.

When people let their guards down and are able to be honest about their positive traits as well as their flaws, they can see how their personalities and life philosophies affect their marriages. Marriage counselors give people the tools to look at their personal issues and repair them so that they can better relate to their partners. Counselors also help partners to thoroughly understand one another.

A few couples who felt that their marriages wouldn’t survive much longer states that Relationship Rescue Academy was the inspiration they needed to get their marriages back on track.

Some couples even resolved their infidelity issues while attending the retreat and learned how to prevent an affair from happening again. Couples are also finding that Relationship Rescue Academy helped them to regain the spark in their marriage and learn how to talk to one another again.

Call 765-575-4617 and we’ll address any questions
or concerns you may have

Five Benefits to Attending a Couples Therapy Retreat

Have you ever gotten to that place in your marriage where some spice needed to be put back in? If so, consider a marriage counseling retreat as your remedy for a troubled or boring relationship. A weekend of couples therapy is meant to reconnect two spouses in an intimate manner by focusing on rebuilding their relationship. It also hosts planned activities, as well as daily private sessions, meant to reignite your passion for each other.

It is easy to get sidetracked by daily rituals and activities. When strife heightens, there is nothing wrong with seeking outside help. In fact, a retreat may be the perfect vacation that will revitalize you as a unit working together effortlessly. Lasting approximately two to four days, a couples therapy retreat can reinvigorate your marriage in many lasting ways. Here are 5 benefits you can expect from attending a marriage counseling retreat:

 You Will Regain Trust In Each Other

It is clear that betrayal, whether dishonesty, disloyalty, withholding or unfaithfulness, within a current or previous relationship leaves one feeling morally violated so much so that we carry around “baggage” that is hard to get rid of. Unfortunately, forgiveness in such cases is not enough. It requires that trust be restored because trust is foundational to a relationship. Trust is the key to emotional connectedness. If you trust someone, then you will allow yourself to be vulnerable and open.

Betrayal also leads to mistrust in oneself for letting it happen in the first place. You must have patience, honesty and commitment to reestablish trust within and without. Fortunately, at a marriage counseling retreat, the time you spend together working on your issues will pull you out of psychological distress so you can trust again. You will slowly rebuild what was lost through exercises and counseling that will help you understand that carrying this baggage will only lead to depression and anger.

 Your Communication Skills Will Improve

Anger is the culprit of many disagreements or “fights” within a marriage. Once trust is reestablished it will be possible to improve your communication skills. This will ease tension within the relationship knowing that disputes can be resolved amicably. Communication is an essential component of a happy marriage because proper use will defuse arguments that arise and enable a sense of unity in important matters such as parenting.

At a couples therapy retreat, you will be given “rules” to follow so each of you can be heard as they express their opinion. These rules will allow you to address differences in opinion without turning the disagreement into a huge dramatic event. You will also rehearse certain skill sets for communicating effectively in group and couple settings. Sharing these exercises with a group will help you relate to the challenges others face making your time together more productive.

 The Walls Binding Physical Intimacy Will Be Broken

Fortunately, group time is not the core or essential part of the weekend couples therapy. You will spend ample time in couples therapy and individual sessions that help you break down barriers to physical intimacy, among other issues. The important thing is that you will begin to see new sides of each other that have been lost or ignored. This is done through guided interpersonal interaction that relies on the newfound vulnerability and openness established early in the retreat.

The emotional connectedness you built in the previous step, communication skills, will assist you in having emotional intimacy within your sexual relationship. The marriage couples retreat is meant to rekindle the spark that you once had as newlyweds. This is done through honesty and openness about preferences, hindrances, and experiences. It is also an exercise of letting go of the past and forging on with a new outlook on physical intimacy together.

 It Will Build Security In Your Relationship

As physical intimacy becomes possible again, you will find that your relationship feels more complete and fulfilling. Every spouse has a need to feel safe in a relationship for the marriage to thrive. One thing a therapist teaches you to do at a weekend couples retreat is to stop comparing yourself to other couples. This is detrimental to creating a unique experience tailored specially to the two of you. More importantly, the disconnect from social media, television and other outlets will realign you with proper values.

This disconnect is a vacation from the outside world that will help you establish all the foundational concepts found in this article. The feeling of security will come from the newly found physical intimacy, trust, positive communication and commitment found only through uninterrupted and focused time together. You’ll also learn to “pick your battles” in communication leading to a sense of safety in expressing yourself without fear of retaliation. This fosters a safe feeling that is essential to any relationship that will last.

 There Will Be Harmony And Peace Between You

Lasting relationships have common goals and aspirations, too. This means exploring what you have in common or finding things you can accomplish together. It could be as basic as parenting or it could be more deliberate like traveling or exercising as a couple. The key here is that the application of all five of these ways to reinvigorate your marriage will create harmony and peace within you and between you and your spouse.

Regardless of whether you consider this a marriage bootcamp, a simple weekend couples therapy, or a full couples counseling retreat, you will benefit from the exercises, activities and one-on-one time that is the hallmark of these excursions. While it can feel much like a vacation, the key is that a marriage counseling retreat will instill in you lasting change that will further your marriage into a space of deliberate as well as involuntary cooperation.

Couples therapy retreats are beneficial to every couple. Some may resist reaching out and taking the time to spend focused time together working on issues. But, there is no doubt that a weekend of couples therapy will send your marriage to a new level of happiness and commitment.

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