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"1-on-1 Couples Retreat With One Licensed Marriage Therapist Per Couple. No Group Work Ever. "

Does your marriage feel like it is at the end of its rope? Are you plagued by your spouses infidelity or addiction to pornography or some other debilitating addiction?

Are you struggling to overcome a history of emotional or verbal abuse from your spouse? Do you feel that divorce might be the only way out?

If you are feeling alone, depressed, or helpless as a result of severe marital problems and the potential collapse of your marriage, don’t despair any longer because it is not too late. With the professional and compassionate work of our dedicated team, we can help you restore your marriage and strongly believe that no marriage is beyond repair.

Our intensive marriage therapy involves one-on-one counseling sessions with a highly trained marriage counselor with accredited master’s level training.

It is specifically tailored for both you and your spouse and provides the tools which will target the roots of the problems you are facing. 

We trust in the efficacy of our program and have seen it work for countless numbers of marriages including some profoundly damaged and troubled with deep seated issues.

You Don’t Have To Face Your Crisis Alone!

Do you know that an average of 41% of spouses have reported an extra marital affair at some point in their marriage? This statistic itself may not offer much comfort but it might reassure you to know that you are not alone if infidelity is one of the sources of your marriage crisis.

It also suggests that there is an ample amount of research on the subject given the frequency of the problem, so you can be sure that our therapists are well versed on how to approach and treat a relationship that has been affected by issues like this.

What Should You Expect From Intensive Marriage Therapy?

During your therapy sessions, both you and your spouse can expect an environment that offers you both privacy and confidentiality, an opportunity to be honest and communicative about the issues that matter most to you both and a therapist who will be non-judgemental, unbiased, and genuinely responsive.

Your sessions will involve tailored techniques that will be most beneficial to your particular marriage, its problems, and your goals. There will be time for deep discussion of the problems followed by a focused approach on the ways that both spouses can learn to communicate differently, express their needs more effectively, and learn how to move forward to rediscover the things that brought them together in the first place.

The intensive marriage therapy may at times be challenging and can often be emotional but through it all, your therapist will help guide you to understand yourselves on a deeper level and gain a greater understanding of each other as well.

You can expect to view things from a different perspective and by doing so, gain an awareness of yourself and your spouse that will be vital to rebuilding your marriage. These powerful experiences will give you the tools to continue your journey of personal and marital growth even after your therapy session is over.