It’s been said that men have egos that often times need to be stroked by their significant other.  Have you spent more time replaying your husband’s faults instead building him up? Well I am going to reveal to you five things that your husband needs to hear from you in order to feel affirmed.

Your Husband Needs to Hear Words of Encouragement

Even the most confident man desires to receive a word of encouragement from the woman he loves.  Your husband can receive at a boys and pats on the back at work all day, but if there are no signs that his wife has admiration and pride in who he is and what he does well, he is left with an empty space that needs to be filled.  One of the greatest gifts a wife can give her husband is her admiration. It’s another form of respect which translates into love for a man.

Words of encouragement can be as simple as saying, “I believe in you”, or “I appreciate what you do for me and our family”.  Every man is different but they all need words of encouragement in some way. It would be a good idea to ask your husband what his personal needs in the area of encouragement are.  He should feel as if you are his biggest cheerleader.

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Your Husband Needs to Hear that He is Needed

There’s no doubt that women are a powerful force to reckon with! Many of us take pride in the fact that we are strong, intelligent and independent.  You Go Girl! However, your husband wants to know that he is of value to you. Sometimes we are so efficient at tapping into our girl power that we forget to include our husbands in the most intricate and intimate spaces of our lives.  

Your husband wants to know that you still need him to lean on him for protection from this crazy world we live in. He wants to know that even though you seem like Super Woman there is a place for him to be your Super Man. Reassure your husband of how valuable he is to you.

Your Husband Needs to Hear Flirtatious Advances from You

Yes, ladies that’s right! Not only does he need to hear he is needed, he also needs to hear he is wanted.  Your husband wants to know that you desire him as much as he desires you. Just like you want to feel desirable, so does your husband.  In fact, I have worked with many couples where men express that their wife rarely pursues them or makes sexual advances. Make you husband feel like a hottie and flirt with him every chance you get.

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Your Husband Needs to Hear that it’s Okay for Him to Spend Time with the Fellas

I am sure you’re thinking, both of you could use some social time with friends.  Just like you need your brunch and coffee shop dates with your girlfriends, your husband needs to know it’s okay that he invests in his individual relationships as well.  Guy time is important.

You may feel like your husband’s guy time tends to get out of balance in comparison to your time with him. Explain to him in a loving way that you are completely okay with his guy time as long as home is taken care of first.  You may find he is more motivated to schedule date night with you.

Your Husband Needs to Hear It’s Okay for Him to Make Mistakes

 No one is perfect.  We all make mistakes. No matter if its your husband’s snippy attitude or a bad financial decision, your husband needs to know you won’t give up on him in troubled times.  Forgiveness is a key ingredient to any successful marriage.

If his experience is that you are going to shame him whenever he makes a bone head move, he will refrain from sharing his weaknesses with you.  Transparency is so important but it has to feel safe for it to take place. Be aware that you married a mortal man and he will sometimes miss the mark in decision making.

I challenge you to speak the language that your husband needs to hear from you. Try boosting his confidence by being his source of positivity.  Watch your relationship and intimacy progress.