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Register now to book a unique opportunity to restore and breathe new life into your marriage with our no-nonsense Midwest marriage retreat that we call Relationship Rescue Academy.

This couples retreat located in Kokomo, Indiana is for you if you are looking to unleash the potential in your marriage with long term results.

Relationship Rescue Academy is an intensive counseling retreat that you need if you want the most insightful, comprehensive, and meaningful solutions for a marriage in crisis.

Relationship Rescue Academy weekend intensive is successful because we believe, first and foremost, that there is no marriage that is beyond repair.

By designing a retreat program that is uniquely tailored to your individual and marital objectives, we can address the most important issues in your marriage and give you and your spouse the right tools to realize your goals.

Resolving to make the changes that your marriage needs is a step that requires a strong commitment as well as a good understanding of what you desire from each other and from your marriage in general.

Before you decide to schedule your marriage retreat, it is a good idea to ask yourself three basic questions that will help to form a framework for your solutions.

  • Question #1: What results are you and your spouse expecting from a marriage program?
  • Question #2: What factors will guide you and your spouse to make changes that will last instead of simply making temporary adjustments that won’t change anything in the long run?
  • Question #3: In what ways will you and your spouse bring your goals and your actions together to realize the marriage that you both desire?

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While on the surface, these questions may seem to be difficult to answer, we can help you work through it. Let’s discuss each question in a little more detail to determine how Relationship Rescue Academy can work for you!


1. What specific results are you and your spouse seeking from a program designed to help your marriage?

This is the most fundamental question you should ask yourselves as you look for a marriage help program or retreat. The answer to this question should reflect the goals and hopes of both husband and wife as individuals and then as a married couple.

Keep your goals aimed high so that you always have something better to strive for. Relationship Rescue Academy has helped couples with many different types of goals. Some of these goals include:

  • A sense of safety and security that comes from re-establishing trust in the marriage
  • A shared sense of responsibility for actions and the strength that comes from having a supportive partner
  • Greater respect and appreciation for each other and for the marriage
  • Gaining a deeper and more genuine interest in each other as individuals and a more focused interest in making the marriage work
  • The ability to put past disappointments and other negative emotions aside and instead draw upon positive energies to fuel progress and positive changes for the future
  • More effective communication skills that include both listening and talking in ways that foster understanding and which validate both spouses
  • Improved problem solving skills that seek solutions and compromise instead of conflict and power struggles
  • A shared sense of satisfaction from both physical and also emotional intimacy
  • To have a unified and shared outlook for the future and to be continually working towards the same goals.
  • To understand the role of the individual in the marriage and to realize how the relationship affects each spouse in different ways.

2. How will you and your partner make changes that will have permanency rather than just a short lived adjustment?

The ways that you and your partner decide to bring about change in your marriage is also of vital consequence since this will essentially be the formula for reevaluating yourselves and your marriage to reach your marital goals.

Knowing which changes to make and how to go about making them is not an easy task and is one of the reasons why the Relationship Rescue Academy was established.

We designed our marriage retreats to serve as a guiding hand to lead couples down the path of change. Along the way, we show couples why these changes are important and how they can make them last. How do we do this?

1. The Setting

We believe that being in an environment that is peaceful and removed from the daily disturbances and stresses we deal with all the time is essential to making the initial steps.

By providing a setting that is private, serene, safe, and special, we make it much easier for you to focus on each other and on your marriage.

The marriage retreat site is your own while you are here, it is a place of healing and a departure from the norm. It is your private place to begin again.

2. Quality Time

The time you set aside for your marriage retreat is only two, three, four days in length but as it is a time that will be devoted exclusively to you both and your marriage, it is not only valuable time but a period which will have incredibly powerful impacts on your future.

During the four days of your retreat, you will possibly gain a closeness and intimacy that you may never have shared before.

This time will be the start of a marriage with new beginnings but as your starting point, these four days will span across some of your past, it will touch on your present, but most importantly, will give you the wings to soar to your futures!

3. Education

Marriage and the achievement of shared goals is not a skill that is generally instinctual. Since people are complex, we can assume that marriages are even more complex since they involve two individuals.

As part of our formula for success we offer the most insightful and comprehensive methods to understand your selves as well as each other.

With the instruction of the founder of Relationship Rescue Academy, Mrs. Forestal, a licensed marriage therapist, you will learn the techniques and skills to improve communication, to resist conflict, to express your needs more effectively, to take responsibility, to be proactive instead of reactive and so much more.

Through coaching, discussion, interactions, activities and more we give you the tools you will need on your journey. We believe that having these tools is one of the most essential requirements for you to make your marriage successful and satisfying and will allow you both to grow in the process.

4. Support

As you build upon your learning at our retreats, we offer you motivating and compassionate support. Our support is something you can count on when you have questions or if you feel unsure of yourself.

You can feel confident knowing that we will not judge and we are here to bring out the best in your marriage so your goals are also ours.

With a solid support system, it is easier to make changes and move in new directions. At our couples retreats we recognize the importance of support and we are behind you every step of the way!

5. Dedication

Dedication is the final component that makes our marriage intensive retreats work. The dedication required from both you and your partner will serve as your motivating force and with it, anything is possible.

At the same time, Relationship Rescue Academy is similarly dedicated to your cause. We want to help you reach your goals and we are successful when you are successful.

It is with this commitment to make your marriage the satisfying and stable relationship that you desire that our work exists and there is no greater reward than to see the culmination of all our efforts!

3. What will you and your spouse do to bring the goals and your actions together in order to create the changes you both desire?

The road to change is often filled with uncertainty which is why Relationship Rescue Academy takes all of the guess work out of the details.

Once you both make the commitment to reaffirm your marriage, to make the changes which will invite a new sense of unity to your relationship, and to focus on a shared vision for your future together, you will already be on your way to realizing your dreams.

When you register for your marriage intensive retreat through Relationship Rescue Academy you can be assured of being one of a limited number of couples registered for each retreat.

We believe it is important to give each of our couples our undivided attention and to give couples the privacy and room for personal growth.

Once you register, you will immediately become part of our community and will receive the highest level of discretion, understanding and genuine interest.

One of the reasons we are successful in bringing couples together again is because we approach each couple and marriage as a uniquely valuable unit that is deserving of all the attention and support we can offer.

You also can rest assured knowing that your accommodations and in a beautiful private cabin in a restful and tranquil location in Kokomo, Indiana, as well as wifi, are included in the cost of your retreat.

Also included in this price is all coaching, trainings, counsel sessions and our post retreat After Care program.

Every facet of your entire 2, 3, 4 day intensive couples retreat will include lodging so that you can focus on what is really important, your marriage.

Making the decision to participate in the best marriage intensive retreat in the Midwest, which is around 3 hrs from Chicago is one of the most valuable investments you can make for your marriage and your future.

Our marriage retreats are based on a formula which is designed to show couples the steps for change and then help facilitate the changes for a long lasting permanence.

Give your marriage the chance to be the satisfying and strong bond that you have always dreamed of with the best marriage retreat at Relationship Rescue Academy.

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How Much Does it Cost?

2 Day Intensive

$2500 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video Consulation
  • 2 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

3 Day Intensive

$3500 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video consultation
  • 3 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

4 Day Intensive

$4500 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video consultation
  • 4 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change

5 Day Intensive

$5500 Lodging Included
  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video consultation
  • 5 day intensive with a licensed marriage therapist
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change