When you want to strengthen your marriage, you don’t have to plan for grand gestures. In fact, these over-the top gestures like a romantic vacation or an expensive gift don’t always work in the long run.

The more effective way to build up your marriage is with small daily gestures you can do every day that you’re together. These actions may seem insignificant, but they’re a lot more important than you think. They’re like the daily meals you have, instead of the steak dinners you enjoy for special occasions.

There’s no better time than no to start with these things that you can do every day to help shore up your marriage for the long haul. Every day is important, because of what you daily becomes a habit. Make sure you practice good habits that bolster your marriage, and you’re better able to make sure that your marriage isn’t a flash in the pan.

Spend More Time Together

It’s funny how people sometimes forget that marriage requires actual time together. Too many of us are so busy with work, that we often spend only a little time with our spouses. When we do spend time together, we sometimes ignore each other because we’re too busy catching our breath from the pressures of your jobs.

But if you’re married, you better find time to spend with each other. Start with the mornings when you share coffee and breakfast. If you’re both too stressed trying to get ready to get to work each morning, then perhaps the two of you should plan to wake up even just 15 minutes earlier. That 15 minutes can be spent together while you share coffee and talk about your plans for the day ahead.

After work, the two of you can then spend time together as well. Even if you don’t feel like talking, even just cuddling in front of the TV can help. Marriage requires physical closeness—it’s hard to stay married for long when you can’t be together to hold each other frequently.

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Say Thanks

When you’re alone resting, try to think about the things your spouse does for you which you take for granted. Does she help with the repairs in the home or pay for the bills? Does he prepare breakfast in the morning and the dinner that you enjoy when you get home from work, and see to it that the home is clean and tidy?

If you really think about it, your spouse does a lot for you that you seem to take for granted. That’s not what you want your spouse to feel. Instead, you should take time to acknowledge each little thing they do for you so that they feel more appreciated for their efforts.

Saying “thank you” may seem like a small thing, but it can have huge effects on a marriage as you’re conscious about everything your spouse does for you. What’s more, it can be a nice romantic gesture as well, when you simply say thanks that your spouse is in your life. It may seem cheesy—but the thought is always appreciated.

Do One Thing for Your Spouse Daily

Now that you’re aware of what your spouse does for you, what can you do for them? Thinking about yourself may be a healthy way to ensure your personal growth, but for a marriage you cannot think of yourself first. You need to put your partner first, especially with small things that happen every day.

So think about what you can do for your spouse. At least once a day, there should be something you can do that puts them first. It doesn’t have to be a huge sacrifice at all. Maybe you can bring home a nifty DIY tool they would like or perhaps a nice bouquet of flowers for the kitchen. Maybe you can switch to a brand of coffee your spouse appreciates, or spend time watching a movie that your spouse really loves but you don’t care much for.

Being married means that you’re not alone in life anymore, and you have to be aware of it. What’s more, you need to make sure your spouse knows how appreciative you are that you’re married to them. Do these small things every day, and it can have a huge impact on the strength of your marriage!