Cost & Fees Including Lodging

Here at Relationship Rescue Academy, we understand how challenging life can be, and that these challenges can put strain on any relationship no matter how strong! Selecting this 2 to 4 day retreat option can change your life for the better.

Just one phone call can determine which counseling package can best suit your marriage according to the level of issues that are needing to be resolved ( even if this is unknown, we can help you figure it out). 

During a phone call session we can determine the plan that is best suited for you and you partner. Here is short description of the packages we offer including lodging and how it can be compared to normal weekly counseling. 

2-Day Marriage Retreat $2,500

This package for our marriage counseling retreat is for smaller and less serious disputes, which is determined by the commitment or level of willingness from both partners to working out the problem. Divorce or separation has not been considered and trust has not been broken in order for this package to be selected.

A good way to decide whether or not the two-day package is for your marriage needs is asking yourself if trust has been broken in any way, including fidelity of all kinds such as emotional affairs and even the use of porn (remember it is all about what you as a person is comfortable with in your marriage). Two-day counseling at our retreat can be likened to roughly 2 to 3 months of regular weekly sessions at a marriage counselor. 

3-Day Marriage Retreat $3,500

With our three-day option, it can be safe to say that your marriage requires a little more time for the level of issues to be worked out. These issues may include that of broken trust and infidelity issues, as well as prior discussion of divorce or separation or in a situation where separation has already occurred.

Another way of determining if this package is for you is to ask yourself if an uneven level of commitment to the marriage and to solving your issues is a reality between you and your partner. Three-day counseling is equivalent to 4 to 5 months of regular weekly counseling, proving the effectiveness of our marriage counseling retreat! 

4-Day Marriage Retreat $4,500

We understand that negative outside influences can sometimes get between you and your partner. In our four-day retreat we work with couples who have similar issues as described under the three-day retreat section.

As an extra stressor, couples who opt for this package will be dealing with blended family disputes, as well as any other extended family or external relational interferences in the tranquility of the marriage in question. This four-day option can be likened to 6 months of regular counseling, as external influences are particularly trying challenges to overcome. 

Lock Down Your Date Today

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date. Remaining balance is due ten days prior to the arranged retreat experience, and can also be determined over phone call sessions. To prove just how much we care, we also offer free follow-up phone call sessions after your retreat!

Sometimes getting away from all the stresses of life is the best remedy for a strained marriage, and here at Marriage Rescue we offer the perfect environment for the healing you require! 

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