What is the Meaning of Love
in a Relationship

15 Best Definitions and Meaning of Love in a Relationship

15 Best Definitions and the Meaning of Love in a Relationship

Relationships are complicated. That is well-known. Often, people want different things from their relationships. 

For example, what one couple value, another might not. This is perfectly normal as no two relationships are the same. The world would be a boring place if all relationships were the same.

This article will discuss different definitions of what love is, and what this means for relationships.

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The Definitions of Love

1. Lust is not Love.

This first one is simple. But, when you’re experiencing lust, it can be pretty tricky to differentiate this from love. You have a lot of the same ‘symptoms’. 

However, love is so much more than lust. To call lust love, seems almost disrespectful in a way. Lust is that initial feeling of attraction, the sexual chemistry, the butterflies in your stomach. 

It is often the precursor to love, but it is most certainly not the same. Lust is instant and love evolves and grows over time. This is a good way to tell the difference.

2. If there is no love, it is not a fully-fledged relationship.

A relationship without love is not a fulfilling one. That is not to mean that there must be love straight away, love grows with time. 

However, if you are in a long-term relationship without love, you are not with the love of your life. Do not get sexual attraction confused with actual love. You’ll know it when you feel it.

3. Do ‘one true loves’ exist?

Real life is not a fairy tale, but this question will divide the masses, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide. However, it has been proven that human beings can love over and over again. 

So, if you feel like you’ve lost your ‘one true love’, being open to new relationships may lead to something incredibly fulfilling.

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4. Love needs to be generous.

There is no such thing as selfish love. If you love somebody, wholly and completely, you will put their feelings before your own, no matter what. It means not expecting anything in return but gaining pleasure from supporting and loving your partner.

5. Love comes with an inherent sense of empathy.

As you grow to love somebody, you will care about them so deeply that it is almost as though their feelings become your own. 

A sure-fire way to know if you love somebody is to think about whether you care more about their happiness and comfort than your own.

6. Love means to compromise.

Thinking back to the previous point, love often means that you will compromise in order to make your partner happy. 

This doesn’t mean scarifying your own needs, it means meeting them in the middle. Compromising does not equate to doing everything your partner asks of you, that is often controlling and unhealthy.

7. Love means to respect each other.

Loving somebody comes side-by-side with respecting them. The respect you feel for the other half of your relationship, should be considerable. Afterall, you have chosen to live your life alongside them.

8. Morals and ethics are a part of loving somebody.

If you are to be compatible with somebody else, you must have similar ethics and morals. Through communicating about these aspects of our lives, we can enable our loved one (and ourselves) to grow and develop into better people. 

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9. Love means never feeling lonely.

Having a partner for life, whom you love above all others, basically means that you should never feel lonely again. This love means that you would never feel lonely, even if you are loved. You know that somebody is there for you, no matter what and that is a pretty great feeling.

10. Celebrating each other’s wins is a part of love.

If you are in love with somebody, their wins should feel like your own. Therefore, you should be able to celebrate alongside them, feeling proud and not jealous of their achievements.

11. You always think of them.

No matter what you are doing, you may notice that your mind will often drift over to your partner. You may wonder how they are, what they are doing or think about something you’ve done together. Either way, they are never far from your mind. 

12. When you’re in love, your sexual intimacy will grow and develop.

By the time you have fallen in love with your partner, you will feel more confident and complete during intimate times. This allows for a deeper connection, turning sex into love-making.

13. Love means to feel safe.

This might be one of the best perks of being in love. Being in a stable, loving relationship allows us to feel safe. 

Your partner is similar to a safety net, catching you if you fall. This feeling of security will allow you to develop as a person, which is an added bonus.

14. You feel valued.

If you’re in love, and your partner is in love with you too, you should feel that you are valued as a person. That all of your positives and negatives are valued, because they are a part of you.

15. You can fight without fear of breaking up.

Loving relationships come with stability. Arguments are a normal part of relationships, but if you are in love you know that the argument will not end in a break-up. You are confident enough in the relationship to express yourself and to not hold grudges.


These fifteen definitions of love cover most parts of this fantastic phenomenon. Some of the definitions may resonate more with you than others and that is fine, remember all relationships are different. 

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