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It’s true that in today’s world, men and women are equal. Nobody’s disputing that, because it’s just a basic fact. Yet if you’re a husband, it’s still understandable that you feel this urge to make your wife feel special. Sure, it’s chivalrous to feel this way and it may be old-fashioned, but in all likelihood your wife won’t mind. Who would object to feeling special, after all?

Of course, there are benefits to you as well when do take the time to make your wife special. You bolster and strengthen your marriage, which actually benefits you both. But it also makes you feel good onside, because you know you’ve done something right.

So how exactly do you go about making your wife feel loved and special? Hera re the 3 basic ways:

Say “I love you”

While the actual words are great, saying “I love you” everyday can make the whole phrase meaningless. But the key to doing this right isn’t by saying “I love you” in words, but in your actions.

You don’t even have to do this constantly. You just need to note that you do it at least once a day. You can say it by doing things that you know she enjoys:

You also never forget a special date in your life. This means you need to remember your wife’s birthday, your wedding anniversary, and perhaps even the day of your first date. You also don’t forget to arrange for a special evening out on Valentine’s Day. Get an app to remind you!

On these occasions, give her a present that you know we enjoy. Maybe she said something about a nice watch, or dress, or appliance that she likes. It can be anything—a book, her favorite records, or a nice photo album.

Tell Her She’s Beautiful

Again, it’s not the words that really matter but what your actions say.

Women like to be told their beautiful. This isn’t a sexist remark, because husbands also appreciate it when their wives think they’re sexy. So don’t say anything negative about her appearance. Don’t tell her she’s beautiful at her age—just tell her she’s beautiful, full stop.

If you’re having trouble with your libido, then just see a doctor. Some wives feel that your lack of interest in sex has got to do with their appearance. So do the right thing and have your problem treated by a doctor so your wife will still feel attractive because you’re still interested in her.

Say “Thank you”

While you’re thinking of new ways to make your wife feel special, think about what she does for you. What does she do to support you and care for you? She probably has done a lot, but you may have taken her actions for granted.

So when she does something for you, always take time to mention how appreciative you are. By doing this, you’re telling her that you notice what she’s done for you and that you’re grateful. Make her understand that you feel lucky that you have here by your side.

Remember to say I love you, You’re beautiful, and Thank you, and your wife will certainly feel special. In the end, it’s about letting her know that you feel special and lucky that you’re married to her.

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