What is The Meaning of Marriage

The True Meaning of Marriage: 5 Marriage Definition Explained

Marriage means many different things, to many different people. It can be difficult to find a universally applicable, true meaning of what marriage is. There are so many differing viewpoints on this subject and people often disagree about what marriage means to them.

For example, the Oxford Dictionary definition of marriage is, “The legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship.” However, in a biblical sense marriage is often defined as, “A man shall leave his father and mother… and hold fast his wife… they shall become one flesh.” 

Christians often view marriage as a Holy Covenant before God. It seems that the understanding that two people become one unit, pledging their love for each other, is the general consensus across most believers. 

It could therefore be argued that most people would buy into the fact that marriage is the sharing of two lives, bonding their spirits, bodies and souls in union. This article will explore five different definitions of what a marriage could mean, in the endeavor to move towards a more cohesive definition of marriage.

Marriage means to be in agreement.

In the modern world it is usually acknowledged that in order to enter the bonds of Holy Matrimony, both parties involved must be in agreement. Surely, in order to go on a life-long journey together, both people must have agreed to do so. 

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In the past, or currently in some belief systems, this agreement was often made by the family members of the happy couple. However, nowadays it is generally agreed that the two people who are to become married, decide this for themselves. 

This normally follows the structure of one member of the couple asking the question, “Will you marry me?” If an answer is given in the affirmative, planning the marriage (and the wedding) will go ahead. 

Once two people have decided that marriage is for them, they have to decide upon what their true meaning of marriage is. Often the couple will discuss the topic of what legal marriage contract they will use. Other important agreements involve whether to have children, if so, what faith to raise the children and what marriage means to them as a couple.

Marriage should mean letting go of selfishness.

It has been discussed that marriage is the joining of two people, therefore it goes without saying that there will need to be some level of compromise. Once you get married there is no more ‘I’, it’s all about ‘we’. As a single person you may have been able to do whatever you fancied, to come and go as you pleased, but once you are married, there is another person you need to take into consideration. You need to think about what makes them happy and use this when you are making plans. 

The best marriages are often those where both partners are wholly committed to making their other half happy. In a marriage, often this is a priority and by letting go of selfishness and prioritizing your partner you can truly get the best out of a marriage.


Marriage means two become one.

Sticking with the theme of two people becoming one, marriage means blending two lives into one.  Read (Five Signs That You Need Couple’s Counseling) The most obvious thing you may think of is the physical, sexual intimacy. This can create a profound bond between two people, when the marriage is consummated. Having a healthy sexual relationship is a key aspect of a good marriage. This means different things to different people and is something you should probably discuss with your partner before the wedding bells ring.

The philosophy behind two people becoming one extends far beyond the physical. It should also touch the emotional, spiritual and psychological parts of your relationship. This does not mean that you need to lose your identity, on the contrary you will gain more of an identity, changing and complementing your partner.

Marriage is the chance to shape a new generation.

Not all couples want to have children and that’s absolutely fine. But for those that do, marriage is an amazing way to bring children into a secure and stable environment. Couples tend to thrive in the challenge of teaching their children to become amazing individuals who will benefit society. 

Child rearing can put strains on a marriage, but it can also make it stronger. After all, is there any challenge more fulfilling than raising children? Priorities change throughout marriages but ensuring that your partner is at the top of that list will enable you to overcome anything life throws at you.

Marriage means changing and growing as people.

When you agree to share your life with somebody, you acknowledge that there will be bumps in the road that will change you along the way. Read (5 Things your Husband Needs to Hear from You) By making the most of these bumps and using them to enable you to grow together, your marriage will become stronger. You can enjoy the changing seasons of your marriage, holding hands through all of life’s hurdles. The true meaning of marriage for many is that you grow together, and the marriage also grows and blossoms too.

In Summary

Marriage means different things to different people. Five different definitions of marriage have been discussed. These definitions are not stand-alone, and often marriage is a combination of the definitions, as it will always mean different things for couples. In a marriage you need to find what works for you and your partner, making it healthy and strong for the future. Allowing yourselves to grow and change together enabling you to enjoy life with your spouse.

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