What Clients Are Saying...

“Our counselor was so amazing! She is a straight shooter”

"We had let our marriage take a back seat for years. It had gotten so bad that we could no longer communicate about much, and we were staying in separate parts of the house just to avoid arguments.

We knew we needed help. I am so glad that we found relationship rescue academy. Our counselor was so amazing! She is a straight shooter and I was able to see how ridiculous our arguments actually were.

The 4-day intensive was so effective in changing how we thought about each other. Please do yourself a favor, if you are wondering if this will help your marriage, trust this skeptic. P.S., we are getting back to feeling like we did when we were dating, enjoying each other and having fun!"

“She quickly got to the root of some of our
recurring themes and patterns”

What an amazing week of self and partner discoveries!

PhD (soon to be) Forestal, took us on a journey into ourselves with one another in seas that always existed back to our childhood and not only navigated the dangerous waters but served as a lifeguard and life preserver simultaneously.

She did this so well when the waves were VERY capable of taking us under. She quickly got to the root of some of our recurring themes and patterns which boiled down to attachment, abandonment, love and vulnerability.

Very scary stuff but she was the PERFECT Captain in making sure her passengers (us) were safe, felt heard, validated and cared for.

In our last hour of the intensive, a bombshell was dropped and we ran out of time to discuss at great length. The tools and understanding that we learned, has allowed us to paddle our own boat while working from a conscious place of empathy, trust, love, self understanding and most importantly, understanding of our partner.

She equipped us with this and while there are waves, we are optimistic that we will eventually sail and sail VERY WELL soon. We started with the 3 day cruise but begged the captain for another. 4 days was worth every penny with someone so gifted!

“On a Scale of 1-10, This Program is a 20”

"I can't began to thank you for this weekend. Our therapist was so welcoming and friendly and shows great empathy. We felt no sense of judgement from her only a willingness to help both of us and to help save our marriage.

My husband and I learned some things about ourselves this weekend that we have been searching for answers to for a very long time. She was able to spot our personal issues almost immediately and help us learn how our personal issues play a direct role in our marriage and how we relate to one another.

I came into this weekend with a sense of hopefulness and also a feeling that if this didn't work, our marriage would probably not survive much longer. After this weekend, I know that we will be better personally and because of that personal growth we will be able to be better for one another.

I had read reviews about this program before coming and I too am a firm believer in the power of such intense counseling to save a marriage. On a scale of 1-10, this program is a 20!!! Thank you again for everything that you have done for us individually and for us as a married couple.

Please keep doing what you are doing, you are truly helping people when they are at their most vulnerable place in life. I feel confident that Rob and I will be able to live a long and happy life TOGETHER!!!"

“The best counseling experience we have had.”

"Dr. Patel was thoughtful and experienced. The pace was very well assembled. The tools given have a great potential to help us as a couple and we feel much more committed as a couple ( and trusting) after this workshop to work on them and our relationship.

I would very strongly recommend Dr. Patel to any couple in a cliff hanger. She has great skill, seems compassionate and knowledgeable, is impartial."

“ I can Proudly say with Great Conviction that what Happened During the Intensive Weekend was a Miracle”

"When we started the Relationship Rescue Academy Intensive Weekend neither of us knew what to expect. Unfortunately our case was not easy. We were at the 90 day mark after my affair was discovered.

We apparently had what it takes to restore our marriage; my repentance and my husband’s forgiveness, but instead of improving, we were going backwards.The path to healing was very difficult, there was a lot of pain.

There were two separate healing that needed to take place in order for us to move forward in our relationship. My healing was fundamental in the process of restoration. Sadly, I wasn’t aware of who I was getting involved with when I started the affair. I opened the door to my fears and basically my life became a living hell.

I allowed myself to live in the midst of manipulation and control. I had found myself in an illicit relationship with a narcissist.The psychological, emotional and spiritual damage that I was facing was destroying my life. Despite having the love of my husband by my side and him being willing to restore our marriage, I was in a tunnel with no way out.

I was eagerly looking for answers due to the deep pain I was in.I could not understand what was causing so much destruction in my life. During the 90 days prior to the Intensive Weekend, we sought help from counselors and couples’ coaches who have been through similar issues and succeeded.

They were certainly helpful but there was still a shadow between me and my husband that did not allow me to feel the forgiveness and love of my husband completely. Our hopes were running out and we were literally tired of suffering. It was as if a cancer tumor was growing inside of me and treating it with chemotherapy wasn’t helping.

I felt like I was going to undergo surgery that would eventually have two exits….. eliminate the tumor and heal my relationship or my marriage would come to an end. When we arrived at the Intensive we put in the work. We discovered why I was vulnerable enough to start a relationship outside of my marriage.

I had many questions about myself….. What did I find in this negative person, that was so powerful to take me to the point of allowing two years of constant abuse? What could that be that was driving me away from my husband’s love? For me, all these were unknowns disguised as lies and manipulation that kept me bound and made me a slave to my sin.

Despite not having had contact with this person for months, I felt that he was still abusing me and controlling me. My sense of guilt and shame had driven me away from the power of God. So, during these 4 days of pure determination to discover the true causes of our problems, we opened our hearts to what we saw as the last resort.

We received guidance with a personalized approach. Relationship Rescue Academy offers 1-to-1 counseling with a highly qualified marriage therapist. And on the third day after hours of mutual commitment and the wisdom of our therapist, we were able to dig deeper.

We experienced a breakthrough. From that moment we have taken a path towards healing. We are aware that healing is a day by day process and we have to put our new tools into practice.

We trust that by using the techniques we learned during the Intensive Weekend we can move forward to honor the Lord our God with our life. For years I wanted the grace of witnessing a miracle.

Today, after attending the Intensive, I can proudly say with great conviction that what happened during the Intensive Weekend was a miracle in my marriage to glorify God."

“ We left feeling like we were stronger and more unified than ever before”

I came from a broken home. When my parents spilt, it was really tough on my siblings and I. That’s why when I got married, I swore it was going to last forever. But after 15 years of marriage, my wife and I started to drift apart.

We felt like total strangers. We still loved each other, but it didn’t feel like we were “in love”. Neither one of us wanted to put our kids through what I went through when my parents divorced.

We signed up for the four day intensive program at the Relationship Rescue Academy in Kokomo, Indiana. We were able to rebuild our bond, learn how to talk – and more importantly – listen to each other, and we left feeling like we were stronger and more unified than ever before.

We’re happy, our kids are happy; it really made a huge difference.

“I am more in love with my husband than I ever was before”

Does Relationship Rescue Academy work? In one word: YES! My husband and I were constantly at each other’s throats. We barley spoke to each other, and when we did, it was always a screaming match. Things got pretty nasty and I had actually contacted a divorce lawyer.

Fortunately, the lawyer I contacted really wanted couples to try to work it out before they decided to proceed with a divorce. He recommended Relationship Rescue Academy and after doing some research, we both decided to give it a try.

We completed the three day intensive program and WOW! That’s all I can say! I am more in love with my husband than I ever was before and we actually talk and listen to each other now instead of screaming and yelling. It was a life-changing experience, for sure.

“Our therapist helped us look at the affair as a symptom of a much larger problem”

"After experiencing infidelity in our marriage, I thought I would never be able to get passed the pain. Our therapist helped us look at the affair as symptom of a much larger problem that we had been ignoring for years.

She helped us establish new boundaries and make our marriage a priority in order to begin the path to healing."

“This was just what we needed to get unstuck”

"We didn't have major issues but we had not been focusing on each other. It was as if we were stuck in a rut. This was just what we needed to get unstuck."

“We actually look forward to being
together again”

My parents always said that marriage isn’t something that you give up on; if it feels like it’s breaking, you fix it – you don’t throw it away. My husband and I (married 13 years) were really struggling. We put on a good show in front of people, but my parents could tell that we weren’t happy.

They heard about Relationship Rescue Academy and suggested we look into it. We weren’t planning on getting divorced, but we didn’t want to live the rest of our lives unhappy. We decided to sign up and it really made such a big difference in our relationship.

We have more respect and appreciation for each other. We talk and listen. We actually look forward to being together again! It changed our lives for the better. We are so very thankful!

“We are happier now than ever before”

The experience my wife and I received at Relationship Rescue Academy was truly eye-opening. We can both honestly say that it has changed our lives for the better. We are happier now than ever before.

“She helped my husband and I get to the root of our problems”

Wow! That’s all I can say! Our counselor at Relationship Rescue Academy really knew what she was doing. She helped my husband and I get to the root of our problems and now we are stronger than ever before!

“We were on the brink of divorce”

We feel like it was a life-changing experience. We were on the brink of divorce and honestly, we felt like we had lost all love for each other. The intensive marriage counseling program we signed up for completely changed how we treat each other, feel about each other, look at each other, and love each other. Thank you so much, Relationship Rescue Academy!

“We can now say that we are very
happily married”

We don’t know how to describe the experience that we had at Relationship Rescue Academy. Everything from the accommodations to the picturesque location to the incredibly knowledgeable and non-judgmental counseling we received was absolutely incredible. We can now say that we are very happily married and are no longer living a façade!

“It was really an incredible experience”

After 14 years of marriage, 3 children, and non-stop money problems, my husband Ken and I had drifted so far apart. In fact, it felt like we were no longer sailing on the same ocean! We were always at each other’s throats – that is, if we were speaking. Relationship Rescue Academy changed all of that.

Now, not only are we drifting on the same ocean, but we are back sailing on the same boat! Every aspect of our lives has improved and our children are so much happier, too. It was really an incredible experience!

“Our lives has changed for the better”

There are not enough words to express the gratitude that my wife, children, and I have for our counselor at Relationship Rescue Academy. She completely changed everything for us. We knew that we were headed down the road to divorce – and so did our children. But our counselor changed it all! We are now a very happily married couple and every aspect of our lives has changed for the better!

“Now, Divorce is off the Table"

Despite the hard work that both my husband and I had put into our marriage, we both wanted to get out of it. We tried everything and NOTHING seemed to work. Before actually moving forward with ending things, we decided to sign up for Relationship Rescue Academy. Now, divorce is off the table and will never be an option again!

“We Left The Intensive Feeling Positive and Connected”

"We flew from Australia to attend the 3-day relationship rescue intensive in Kokomo, Indiana. We had an initial interview online with Tanika and both my partner and I felt instantly comfortable with her.

The farmhouse is in a stunning location and has been beautifully remodeled. It was the ideal setting for my partner and I to reconnect and take stock of what had happened to our relationship.

Tanika helped us learn the skills necessary to get through an emotional affair and to learn how to turn towards each other and really accept each other for our flaws. We had tried counselling before but felt judged and uncomfortable. I was struggling to see how I could forgive him but wanted so badly for our two young girls to have both parents at home together in a loving family.

Tanika was so supportive and full of joy. She helped us see the good in each other and show us how easily it is for relationships to get off track; how good people make mistakes and also how it is possible to start again. We left the intensive feeling positive and connected and grateful that she showed us how to work together.

She provided a non-judgemental safe space for us to discuss our issues; provided perspective and guidance as well as specific communication skills that will last a lifetime. There is still work to be done to rebuild the trust that was destroyed but we really appreciate everything Tanika taught us.

I just wish we could have brought her back to Australia with us! If you have fallen apart, go to her. She will remind you why you fell in love and teach you how to be the best couple you can be. Thank you Tanika."

“This is Going to Definitely be a Game Changer for us”

"Just wanted to say thank you again for all the work you put into Josh and I this weekend. I also wanted to thank you for giving us a discount so we can afford to do this.

This is going to definitely be a game changer for us and we are excited to us our new tools to better our relationship. We would love to see you again to continue our maintenance work. We appreciate you❤️ thanks again.."

“For anyone thinking about this and the time and money, its worth it”

"You could say I'm not a big "therapy" person and was somewhat hesitant to go through this experience, but knowing that our relationship needed some help I agreed.

This was the best decision, after just a few short hours, a felt a great burden lifted from my shoulders as Tanika guided us through the whole relationship conundrum.

The 3 day intensive experience is the way to get through the work and focus solely on each other with no external distractions. For anyone thinking about this and the time and money; its worth it.

Consider doing therapy each week for an hour and then getting back to your normal day to day lives; then re-group a week that really the best way? I say no, make the effort...its definitely worth it. Thank you Tanika for you guidance and insight to get my wife and I to the place we had been missing for so many years."

“She really is a masterful couples therapist”

"Tanika is amazing! When you work with her, it feels right away like she has a genuine interest in helping you both get on track. She has concrete approaches to better communication and helps you practice them with her guidance.

Her format works so much better than weekly therapy, which we did unsuccessfully, because you can’t ‘get away’ emotionally after 6 hours straight for 2 or more days.

She knows how to get to the core of the matter and calls you out gently but appropriately when you’re off, which is a testament to her ability to build a relationship with you. I highly recommend working with Tanika. She really is a masterful couples therapist."

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