When a couple starts to lose their deep-rooted intimacy and passion that was cultivated by a sexual bond, very unwarranted tensions can arise and cause a great rift in the relationship.

Losing passion is a critical cause for conflict in a relationship and can lead to separation, or if married, a divorce. In many cases, the lacking of sex and passion in a relationship can cause partners to seek out their sexual desires elsewhere.

Some people result to pornography; some people resort to committing adultery. Losing the sexual passion causes stress and conflict between couples and will make couples not want to commit to one another; instead, commit to other vices.

A private, intensive sex therapy retreat for couples struggling with intimacy is a suggested resolution to this very serious problem. This article will discuss its benefits and suggest its resourcefulness, should any of these issues apply to you, the reader.

A couples sex therapy retreat will address a multitude of issues that may sound familiar to you, as it does to many other struggling couples. Retreats aim to identify issues in infrequent or no sex, trauma tied to previous sexual experiences, addiction to pornography, and difficulties with arousal or interest.

As these issues are identified, resolutions will be offered regarding further investigation into identifying why there is a low sexual desire; why one person initiates sex and their partner refuses it; why someone struggles to function and perform sexually.

Couples sex therapy retreats will offer quality work from therapists who have obtained professional skills as practitioners of sex therapy through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

These certified professionals represent a community of individuals who are trained scholars and clinical practitioners dedicated to sex therapy and assisting couples who are struggling sexually through a lack of passion. You will be in good hands.

If you are still interested and would like to know the way these retreats work from a logistical standpoint, we are about to unpack the daily routine. The interactions will generally open up between the couple and the therapist where both partners will have an opportunity to discuss some of the individually important sexual issues for each person. This will lay the groundwork for the duration of the retreat.

Later, therapists will begin to dig a little deeper into issues by exploring matters such as fighting about sex, strengths and vulnerabilities that each partner brings to the sexual relationship, and matters such as the initiation and refusal of sex.

Nearing the end of the retreat, therapists begin to offer practices of resolution, such as making adjustments for deconstructing the current patterns in the sexual relationship, reaching a sensitive understanding of each person’s sexual style and desire, and most importantly, counseling on how to eradicate the “mechanical” or “chore” feeling that comes with having sex.

If you are interested in finding the right couples sex therapy retreat near you, we encourage you to look into the Intimacy Moons Retreat.

There are ways to resolve these issues. The option of an intensive couples sex therapy retreat represents the most paramount resolution. Explore your resources.

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